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Low Vision Life Groups

The groups work in a similar way the Facebook groups do. You are able to participate in already created groups, or create such on your own. You can also choose if the group is public or private, setup the cover photo and the main picture of the group, give its’ description and invite members.

Of course, aside of the admins of each individual group – the admin of the website can always interfere, if there is major problem in any post or comment. 

Groups Purpose

The purpose is to be able to discuss relevant to you topics and ideas. Although the social network in the website is connecting people with low vision and their families – the diseases are different, and you may need this specific place, where you can talk with people exactly in your shoes.

Low Vision Life Forums

In a similar way work the forums. When creating a group – you can choose to create a forum, connected to it. Some people prefer to participate in groups, other – in forums. In all cases the resources of the site are setup for you and feel free to take part in anything you find the need to.

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