LowVision.Life’s idea is to help low vision people and their families from all around the world to connect with each other, share their experience, participate in different groups and in the meanwhile – be able to read useful news from the field. One of the purposes of the website is to gather information for different diseases, causing low vision, because nowadays you have to Google sometimes for hours in order to find something useful. The other purpose is low vision people and parents of low vision children to be able to find support. There are Facebook groups nowadays doing something similar, but often different diseases have the same symptoms and I believe we need something more general, gathering our community in an easier way.

My name is Petia, and I have a low vision daughter. She’s with achromatopsia – pretty rare eye disorder. In addition to the low vision there are also other symptoms like color blindness, nystagmus, strabismus. I feel the need to make something more for all parents who feel like me, and for all grown-ups who sometimes struggle with everyday activities. And this is the thing I can be useful with.

Thank you for your support!

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