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About Low Vision Life Project

My name is Petia and I’m a mother of a girl with Achromatopsia. She is 9, but we’ve been struggling for years to find the right diagnose, what would help her see better, help with the severe light sensitivity, etc. Without having an exact diagnose I had to be a part of many FB groups, read lots of posts in Google and never exactly know where we belong. What I can say of experience is that I’ve found some useful info in groups that have nothing to do with Achromatopsia. That’s why I got thinking – being in just one group can be limitating. Low vision people and parents of low vision children should be gathering us. What can be useful for a child with OA can also be useful for a child with Achromatopsia. And I really want this information to be gathered in one place, all of us to be gathered in one place. So this is what Low Vision Life Project is about.

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